Industry Buzz: Hiring the Right People (for the Wrong Reasons)

how to hire sales peopleThis week in the industry buzz: how to derail the hiring process (and what you can do to fix it), five red flags to watch out in sales manager resumes, why Facebook is becoming a lonelier place, how you should really measure your HR data, why LinkedIn has become overrun by recruiters, and how to build a positive company culture.

1. 6 Things Hiring Managers Don’t Get About Recruiting

In a quest for the perfect candidate, hiring managers sometimes lose sight of the big picture. ERE outlines six key issues that often derail the recruiting process. Are you guilty of any of these?

“Some hiring managers will consider only the most perfect candidate. The candidate must have the correct degree, must live within a commutable distance, must have the right niche of skills, must have international experience, must be willing to work for “x” amount of dollars, must love ping pong, and must be able to juggle three cats while riding up a ramp backwards on a unicycle.”

2. 5 LinkedIn Tips to Hire Better Sales Managers

It’s easy to get overly excited when you do find what looks like the perfect candidate. SellingPower offers five easy tactics for evaluating resumes, so you don’t run into any nasty surprises.

“No performance metrics. This one’s easy, but many sales managers still aren’t reporting their quantifiable performance in their resumes. It could be an oversight, but wouldn’t you think that a good sales-manager candidate would have the forethought to show the most important information front and center, especially if the results are positive?”

3. Your 735 Facebook friends? They’re probably not.

The social web can be lonelier than you’d think. Steve Boese takes a look at how Facebook and other social media are blurring the lines between acquaintances and true friendships.

“I’ve written before on the blog about the famous ‘Dunbar’s Number’, from the seminal piece of research by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar that theorized that the number of stable, close social relationships, (typically what we’d call ‘friendship’), that humans can sustain at any given time is about 150.”

4. 5 Ways to Start Measuring HR Data

Data got you down? Profitability Through Human Capital outlines a no-nonsense approach to help you wrangle your HR data into shape.

“Take a business approach to data.  Don’t just start reporting and analyzing data for the heck of it.  Start with a continuous improvement or revenue generation mode.  With people data being so prevalent you can get into analysis paralysis.  Make sure that you understand the strategic direction of the organization first and foremost.  Then use people data to understand what truly drives business results.”

5. Do Recruiters Ruin LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has fast become the go-to site for professional networking, and recruiters have responded in kind. But are we adding to the conversation, or clogging up the funnel? Glenn Cathey does an in-depth analysis (3-part series).

“I’m inclined to say that if recruiter spam has penetrated down to chef groups, it doesn’t bode well.”

6. A Tale of Two Cultures

Positive or negative, every company has a culture. Buzz Rooney takes a look at two diametrically opposed cultures, and provides companies solid tips on how to improve and foster their own cultures.

“Culture is what your employee’s think, feel and express about working there. Most companies actively work to define their culture. Others let it develop organically.”

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