Industry Buzz: How to Find Great Sales People

finding great sales candidatesThis week: Exploring the mind of the successful salesperson—and how to hire them; how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile for the New Year; how to get more done once and for all; leading those who don’t want to follow; and some of the biggest interview blunders candidates can make.

1. Why Great Sales People Are So Hard To Find‏

Great salespeople are one of the major backbones of a successful organization. So why are they so difficult to find? SalesForce explores how great sales people think—and what you can do to entice them.

“You already know that great sales people rarely just appear on your doorstep, but if you are advertising to attract these individuals and top talent still is not applying, the job description for your open position may be to blame.”

2. New LinkedIn Profile Changes Made Easy

Is your head spinning from all the recent changes to LinkedIn profiles? This simple checklist will help you start the New Year right with a social networking facelift.

“Sure, you have to do a little work on your profile–again, but the world’s largest professional network has made it easy. Here’s Breitbarth’s simple breakdown and checklist. Set aside a bit of time to take advantage of these changes. It will be worth your while!”

3. 10 Easy Ways to Get More Done

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions to make is “get more done.” Inc. Magazine provides a few practical tips on how to do just that, without burning out.

“The New York Times recently ran an article about how email can make people less productive. However, misuse of email is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here are 10 actions that you can take today that can make you at least twice as productive as your colleagues.”

4. 8 Tips For Leading Those Who Don’t Want to Follow

It’s often lonely at the top. Forbes highlights how leader can align their visions to those of their teams. A few highlights: clarifying your purposes and viewing conflict as an opportunity.

“Want to test your leadership mettle? See how well you do when leading those not inclined to follow. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people may be comforting, it might even seem like a good idea, but it’s not the stuff of great leadership. The best leaders are not only capable of effectively leading those who hold differing opinions and perspectives – they thrive on it.”

5. “Hey Honey, What Are We Having for Dinner?” Job Candidates’ Biggest Interview Blunders

Every hiring manager has an interviewing horror story. CareerBuilder collects some of the funniest and most hair-raising candidate encounters. A must-read for hiring managers and candidates alike.

“CareerBuilder’s annual study on the most common and outlandish job interview mistakes, conducted among more than 2,600 hiring managers and 3,900 workers across the nation, found a litany of cringe-worthy mistakes made during interviews — dinnterview etiquette (yes, I just made that up and immediately regret it) being just one of them.”

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