Industry Buzz: Thinking Outside the Recruiting Box

Heineken Recruiting VideoThis week: how Heineken is shaking up the interviewing process and thinking outside the box; how Google keeps staff happy; the secret to successful hiring; and how LinkedIn endorsements may not always get you the attention you want.

  1. 1.     Heineken: The Candidate

Holding the boss’s hand, offering emergency medical assistance, and rescuing a coworker: all in a day’s interviewing for candidates hoping to work at Heineken. Looking to shake up recruitment, the company added a few unusual layers to its interviewing process for Events and Sponsorship interns. Instead of simply asking candidates how they would respond to specific situations requiring initiative and grace under pressure, the company gleefully threw their interviewees into these situations with surprising—and hilarious—results. Check out the company’s viral video called “The Candidate” and start thinking outside the box about your own hiring process.

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  1. 2.     Yahoo CEO endures criticism over hiring practices

ZDNet writes about Yahoo’s rigorous hiring process under CEO Marissa Meyer and how it might be costing the company top talent.

“Hiring top talent in such a competitive marketplace, especially as the West’s appetite for gadgets, mobile technology and the latest, thinnest, best tablets and laptops continues to grow, can be a difficult and arduous process for companies. However, it is not only a matter of finding such talent — but keeping it.”

3. Google: Keeping staff happy is down to experiments, not just laundry

Google doesn’t just try to keep employees happy to be nice—the company does it to maximize productivity and this article outlines exactly how the tech giant does that.

“Happier employees equals better productivity. In addition, as the tech industry expands, the demand for highly skilled workers continues to rise, and retaining staff you have spent time and money training is paramount.”

4. How Successful Companies Hire

Mashable discusses how to think closely at your hiring process so you save money and find better candidates.

“Looking critically at your recruitment process might be just what you need to save time and money in the new year. Despite living in an analytics-obsessed universe, many companies just aren’t making the most of their recruitment process. A recent survey from ACT Bridge found 56% of U.S. employers don’t even measure the return they’re getting on talent investments.”

5. LinkedIn Endorsement: The New “Poke”

What do you think of the new LinkedIn endorsement function? Love it? Hate it? Or is it like the Facebook poke feature: kind of a nuisance?

“Like most in our industry, I use my Facebook account for business. In a business context, there really isn’t any legitimate rationale for “poking” somebody. Yet occasionally, it still happens to me. I guess the “poker” is trying to get my attention for whatever reason, but they’re doing it in a way that comes across as extremely awkward and borderline offensive.”


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