2016 Halloween Spooktacular

This year ACA Talent hosted its highly anticipated seventh annual Halloween Spooktacular. During this time of year, we transform our office into a spooky, scary, and spirited fantasyland of goblins, witches, and storybook characters. The event has achieved legendary proportions in our Fort Lauderdale office—even our neighbors drop in to see the decorations and partake in the festivities. For 2016, we split the office into eight teams. Weeks of preparation went into each team’s planning, with some teams working late into the night on their decorations before the start of the event.

Check out our photos below for a small taste of our annual tradition.

ACA Team - SB  20161028_100250 (1280x960) IMG_3173 Purge 1 20161028_093635 (960x1280)20161028_094630 (1280x960) IMG_3129 IMG_3158 IMG_3190 IMG_3134 IMG_3206 20161028_102609 (1280x960) IMG_3131 (960x1280) 20161028_102622 (1280x960)  IMG_3174 20161028_094531 (960x1280) IMG_3133 (960x1280) 20161028_094515 (1280x960)