A Recipe for a Ghoulishly Good Time: Why Fun in the Workplace Matters

by Sabrina Balmick, Marketing Manager, ACA Talent

The end-of-year malaise is upon us as we try to do it all—make numbers, please clients, and carve out family time—before the New Year. With a growing docket of responsibilities, it’s easy for employees to become burned out and disengaged from their jobs.

Because we foster a bustling work hard/play hard culture here at ACA Talent, we’re always looking for new ways to liven up the work day and help all our team members feel involved. We’ve found that sprinkling a bit of fun among our professional obligations helps build camaraderie, closeness, and familiarity, which comes in handy when we’re in the trenches, doing whatever it takes to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

As we’ve examined our corporate culture over the years, we’ve found that competition and creativity are two major components of our successful sales-driven work environment. Combine these factors with a sense of fun and an inability to take ourselves too seriously, and you have ACA Talent’s annual Halloween decorating and costume contest. The tradition started innocently enough, with employees initially decorating their cubes. The air of friendly competition spread throughout the whole office, and our Halloween extravaganza was born.

Three years after it started, our Halloween tradition is as strong as ever. Every year, employees form teams and, under a veil of secrecy, hatch their plans for their own scary (and often hilarious) spin on all things spooky. On the day of the festivities, employees arrive early to put the final touches on their decorations (and their costumes) before the morning cube crawl and subsequent voting begin. With cash prizes and days-off on the line, employees go all out to win big. Some even “campaign” by bringing in sweet treats in hopes of swaying the voters. To reward everyone’s hard work, the company serves a Halloween themed lunch, just before announcing the winners.

With a fresh boost in morale (and plenty of food in our bellies), our Halloween tradition amply prepares us to tackle the next great sales challenge.

Check out a small selection of our photos from our recent event below. We’d love to hear how your company helps foster productivity. Feel free to send your tips (and your pics) to us at marketing@acatalent.com.


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