A Scary Good Time: ACA Talent’s 5th Annual Halloween Spooktacular

ACA Talent’s annual Halloween Spooktacular was as scarily good as ever. Our tradition started five years ago when we were at close to 40 employees in headcount. We’ve nearly doubled that number since then, but we haven’t outgrown the traditions that have made us a fun place to work.

The festivities were all most too hot to handle from the start. We managed to set off the fire alarm with a frenzy of cooking and had to evacuate until the fire department gave us the all-clear. That momentary hiccup didn’t dampen the action, which was in full swing with nine teams competing for top honors. After weeks of secrecy and conspiracy, our employees put the finishing touches on their decorations and costumes. This year, everyone outdid themselves in scarily good style.

Our HR administration group took the top prize for their creative roller coaster costumes and carnival theme.

HR Admins Halloween








The Zombie prom was nothing short of a Thriller.

Zombie Prom

The Simpsons provided plenty of laughs (along with burgers and donuts).

The Simpsons

There was plenty of food to go around, from cupcakes to burgers to (gelatin) brains, to say nothing of the catered lunch we enjoyed.

Halloween Lunch


Halloween Lunch


Cruella de Vil walked away with the top prize in our individual costume contest, with two sorceresses nipping at her heels.

Cruelle de Vil



Welcome to the Doll House






Friday the 13th


Everyone was exhausted by the end (like our fearless managers napping on the couch), but buzz is already building about next year’s ghoulish event.

Managers at Work