A Super Mario Bros. Resume That One-Ups The Competition

This Week: One of the coolest resumes you’ll ever see; the surprising origin of interviews; what exactly a recruiter does; why Lady Gaga is responsible for overtime pay; how seasonal hiring is ramping up in 2013; the real cost of bad hiring decisions; Facebook’s 21st century company town; and why perks aren’t enough to keep good employees.

[Nifty Find] Super Mario Bros. Resume

Recruiters are always giving job seekers advice on how to stand out from the crowd and make sure their resume gets found. For many fields, the good old-fashioned Word or PDF resume loaded with information and keywords is enough to entice a hiring manager to pick up the phone and call the candidate. But how do job seekers in competitive, visually-driven fields distinguish themselves from the rest of the fold?

A web developer living in New York took this challenge to the next level when he used his expert design skills to build an eye-popping Super Mario Bros.-inspired virtual resume. Using the keyboard, you can navigate through his impressive job history. Watch as he leaps, jumps, and flies over cartoon obstacles to provide you with a fun, colorful overview of his professional skills and experience.

[Interactive Resume]

[Viral Video] The Origin of Interviews (HT: ERE)

Interviewing’s never been easy. From verifying job history to checking references, there are a million ways for a candidate’s story to fall apart and leave you starting all over again.

As it turns out, humankind’s been facing this challenge since the dawn of time.

In this week’s clip, a group of enterprising cavemen interview candidate after candidate to find just the right fit for their tribe. After all, it’s no small task to find a candidate who can hunt and gather, not to mention outrun a saber-toothed tiger.

We can’t help but think that if they added a few behavioral questions and refined the interview process, they might be able to whittle down their candidate pool to a few good cavemen (and women).

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