CareerBuilder Survey Finds Sales Jobs Among the Hardest to Fill

Harris Interactive, in partnership with CareerBuilder, surveyed over 2,000 hiring professionals in order to zero in on the most difficult-to-fill jobs. 35% of hiring managers reported positions remaining open for longer than 12 weeks.

Some of the findings were not surprising (Software Developers and IT professionals, for instance). Others raised deeper questions about the actual hiring process and how it impacts times-to-fill.

Among the hardest-to-fill positions? Sales Representatives.

Although the press release doesn’t delve into the details as to why sales jobs are so difficult to fill, we can make a few guesses:

  • Complex hiring processes that may include several levels of interviews (even for a relatively junior sales position)
  • Skill requirements that may not reflect the actual job (or the candidate pool)
  • Overlooking strong candidates based on resume keywords
  • Using generalist recruiters to fill sales-focused positions
  • Compensation that isn’t competitive with the current market

“Although the recession created an abundant pool of readily-available, unemployed talent that still exists today, employers are struggling to find new employees for technology-related occupations, sales, healthcare and a variety of other areas,” said Brent Rasmussen, President of CareerBuilder North America.

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