Choosing the Right Size Search Firm for Your Business

by Jon Lome, Sales Manager, ACA Talent

For companies looking to fill open jobs, selecting the right recruiting partner can be as challenging as hiring the right candidate. There may be many options, but few fit the criteria. Companies understand how costly vacant positions can be. This is why many augment their internal recruiting efforts with external partners. With so many diverse offerings in the recruiting marketplace, companies may find themselves bombarded with choices between large, national organizations with broad services, and smaller, local recruiting operations with focused solutions.

So how do you decide the best partner to suit your hiring needs?

Executive leadership often concludes that larger recruiting companies offer the right solution to meet their needs. Corporate leadership often views these recognizable brands as the safe way to go, whether due to familiarity or branding. In this case, size equates to resources and the advantages that go along with it.

For example, a company that requires a large volume of temporary workers, or additional services like payroll, benefits, and worker’s compensation, may feel that working with a larger company can satisfy their recruiting needs in a “one stop shop” solution.

On the other hand, if you seek candidates within a specialty area, a small company may be able to offer similar or better candidate quality when compared to a larger counterpart. In fact, many small recruiting firms focus on a particular area of specialty in order to capitalize on their internal resources. Like the larger players, they offer connections and experience in finding specific types of candidates, and harder-to-find skillsets.

Small or boutique firms often have a concierge approach to client care, improving responsiveness to your recruiting needs. Without the red tape that can sometimes hamper larger operations, a smaller firm can often turn on a dime if your needs change. This agility can greatly increase your speed to market when it comes to hiring and ramping up candidates.

In addition, not only do these firms have direct experience in your practice area, your business is significantly more important to their bottom line than it may be for a staffing giant, where your open position often ends up landing on a big white board, along with tons of other open reqs. The team then prioritizes these orders, based on difficulty, reach, and overall talent pool. Through this process, the more difficult/specialized positions drop down the priority list and may languish unfilled. At a smaller, specialty firm however, recruiters focus on fewer positions, so your open job can actually be filled faster and with greater attention. In this sense, your position isn’t just another number.

In the end, the firm you choose as a hiring partner depends on your overall recruitment objectives. Whether you end up working with one of the larger firms, or a smaller practice, almost all of these firms have tools, experience, knowledge, networks, databases, and methods of seeking out top talent.

If you need a firm with global reach and your project is large enough to garner their attention, look at a larger firm. If you’re looking for a more focused approach to your needs, consider a smaller specialty firm that will spend every minute laser-focused on your business needs.

By choosing the right firm, you will get the right solution to meet your business needs, a significantly better experience in service and delivery, and most importantly, you will end up finding the strategic player you needed to hire in the first place.

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