How Do You Measure Up?

by Dave Sargeant, CEO & President, ACA Talent

With a strong emphasis on documenting, reporting, and metrics in today’s business environment, it makes you wonder how we’re supposed to get our work done on time and still guarantee efficiency. How do we ensure our databases, paper trails, and loads of documents are recorded in a timely fashion and kept up-to-date?

Ask yourself, “How much of my 8-hour workday did I spend yesterday making a difference?”

The answer can be surprisingly easy if you combine a methodical approach with practicality.

Systems and procedures are there for a reason, but they should never replace efficiency. Point blank: Our company’s greatest resource is our people. So it’s important to be cognizant of that, and make their time count for something…every single day.

As a self-proclaimed recovering engineer, my career has revolved around process improvement (yawn), data collection (yawn), and reporting. But, on the brighter side of things, I always try to live by three simple rules:

  • Only document what’s important
  • Only measure the parts that really count.
  • And most importantly–if you’re going to have someone spend time collecting tons and tons of data–do something useful with it!