Ready for CHANGE: Humanizing Change Management

By Jesse Knight, Director of Sales and Operations, ACA Talent

In today’s challenging and competitive economic climate, organizations who wish to get ahead—and stay ahead—need leaders: in upper management, middle management, and also on the front lines of the organization to drive daily activity.

Many people consider themselves to be a leader because they are positive, can motivate, or because they add to the culture and get results. However, a solid measure of a good leader is how they handle change. In your organization, do people resist change…or being changed?

Change as a competitive advaChange Managementntage

When an organization changes direction to keep up competitively, gets a new client, or is simply looking to improve the culture, the way leaders and employees process, communicate, and receive the message is paramount to the forward success of the organization.

The process of change can be stressful even to the strongest organizations because of how we are wired. “That’s not the way we have always done it,” becomes a focal point. Change is synonymous with fear to many people; it’s the fear of “how will this affect me?” This is true at work, in school, in relationships, and in life.

The reality is that the only constant in life is change. As the former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, once said, “Change before you have to!”

How do you change and accept change?

Have you ever tried to stop water from coming out of a hose by placing your hand over the front end? What happened? The water still finds a way to come out, except now it’s gushing all over you. It’s like that with change.

Change is inevitable; the question is how messy do you want it to be? Employees at an organization often try to put their hand over the hose where change is taking place thinking that their effort will stop change. It does not! Where leadership helps is by adjusting the water pressure to direct change in a clear, concise manner to avoid confusion, unanswered questions, or a big old mess.

Humanizing change management

At ACA Talent, one of the ways we’re helping customers, both internal and external, embrace change is through the concept of humanization. Humanization in its simplest form is customer service: professionalism, building relationships, through interpersonal contact, both internally and externally.

By putting a face on all of our interactions, rather than hiding behind technology, humanization can help drive change. This can be as simple as speaking face to face with another person. For a recruiting company like ACA Talent, it means fostering constant contact with clients, candidates, and coworkers. As those involved in the process start to see how change can benefit them, real change can begin to happen.

Yes, change can be scary, yes change can be uncomfortable, but if executed correctly change can position your company for success in many verticals.

What definitive action will you take to ensure that you are helping to lead change in your organization?

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. – Anonymous