Sales Recruitment: Door-to-Door, High Volume Sales

Sales Recruitment Case Study

Assessing the Challenge

The world’s largest electronic security company, with over 26,000 employees, was finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for direct sales talent across the country. The field management team was under pressure to achieve goals without a full complement of sellers. Having worked with ACA Talent, the client knew ACA Talent could develop an effective plan to optimize its high volume sales recruitment process.

Designing the Solution

ACA Talent capitalized on its expertise in sales recruitment to design an end-to-end model that would excel in reaching quality door-to-door sales talent. After ACA Talent examined the client’s existing recruitment process, the company developed process improvements in quality and efficiency. The resulting model augmented the client’s ability to drive sales through a better hiring process. Improvements included:

  • Streamlined Process: reducing time managers’ spent interviewing
  • Scalable Solutions: meeting fluctuating hiring demands
  • Candidate Profiling: of successful door-to-door professionals
  • Targeted Sourcing: localized across diverse geographical markets
  • Technology Integration: capturing metrics and driving efficiency
  • Reporting & Metrics: operational tools to analyze hiring demands
  • Candidate Onboarding: refined process to further reduce time-to-fill

Measurable Results

  • 40% reduction in client job posting spend
  • 37% decrease in overall cycle time
  • 48% of candidates interviewing receive an offer
  • 22k unique monthly visitors to online career center
  • Additional Program Values
  • Hiring Manager Portal featuring on-demand reporting
  • Career Center to promote opportunities and capture applications
  • Post-Hire Consulting on retention to reduce turnover
  • Pricing based on process efficiencies, versus percentage of hire’s salary

With a consistent process, integrated technology, and accurate reporting, ACA Talent’s Sales Recruitment Optimization (SRO) model helped this client achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and candidate quality, leading to higher revenues.

For more information about how ACA Talent’s SRO solutions can help streamline your door-to-door sales recruitment process to hire better quality candidates and drive revenues, call us at 954.318.2300.

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