Staying Alive: Why Door-to-Door Sales Isn’t Dead

The news reports are all the same: door-to-door sales positions are fast becoming extinct. Forbes recently ranked it as number 9 on their list of the 20 Careers Headed for the Dustbin. If that’s not bad enough, it comes in as number 6 on the magazine’s list of America’s 10 Worst-Paying Sales Jobs, with an average annual pay of only $27,300, sandwiched in between a rental counter clerk and a product demonstrator.

Sure, it doesn’t paint a very pretty picture, but there’s a lot more opportunity here than the stats convey. So why should a job seeker take a hard look at a career in door-to-door sales?

1. Because you know how to sell.

If you ever wanted to take a shot at seeing whether you can really sell, here’s your opportunity. Many are called, but few are chosen. If you can sell in this environment, you’re truly special. Here’s your chance to make your mark with a new employer and become a superstar in the course of a few months…not years. A degree’s not typically required, just the right attitude, passion, and the ability to bounce through rejection. If you can overcome these hurdles, you’re on your way.

2. If #1 holds true, you can make real money.

The $27K average is based on average performers, who, quite frankly, won’t make it in door-to-door sales. Your target should at least double this number, and the top performers make far more. Your ability to make money here is in direct correlation to your willingness to work, your ability to persevere, and how badly you want to win.

3. Respect breeds opportunity.

If you’re successful at door-to-door sales, you’ll earn respect from everyone looking for true hunters. If you can gain the trust of the buyer on the other side of the door, you’ll have a highly marketable skill that you can capitalize on. Success here will open doors for years to come (no pun intended) as you carve your own career path based on the skills you learned knocking on just one more door.

Take a shot now, show what you can do, and sell yourself for life!

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