Why should you work with a sales recruiter?

All recruiting essentially involves connecting qualified people to great opportunities. So what makes sales recruiters different?

The answer lies in the nature of the job. Disciplines like accounting and engineering rely on hard skill sets and experience to qualify candidates, but success in sales is driven largely by soft skills. Industry experience, product knowledge, and specific sales experience (inside versus outside sales, for example) may still be required; the ability to market a company’s products and close a deal is largely intangible, so hands-on sales experience is an important tool.

A strong sales recruiter, like any other recruiter, can quickly build a candidate pipeline within your vertical and local marketplace. The difference between a sales recruiter and a generalist recruiter lies in knowledge of the sales process.

Often, the best sales recruiters come from a sales background themselves. By understanding how a company markets its products, how to build a pipeline of customers, how to overcome objections, how to close a sale, and how sales reps are compensated, a strong sales recruiter can accurately gauge a candidate’s experience and fit for your company.

In other words, a sales recruiter helps you cut to the chase: the candidate’s ability to sell.

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7 Things to Know When Working With A Sales Recruiter